Van Bellman Packs A Punch With Knockout Single (Ones to Watch)

This bluesy rock and indie pop track hits you hard from the second it starts and never seems to lose its momentum. With honest lyrics that tell it like is and vocals packed with attitude to match, Van Bellman really rocks it out with a soulful swagger all his own. You’d never guess this Brooklyn based musician was a hotel bellhop only a few years back. Now he’s come a long way from that, developing this latest project for the world to hear.
Meant to be listened to loud, this track’s roaring energy, passionate vocals, and vintage instrumentation deliver a truly knockout song with a definite direction.

Get Addicted to the Debut Track from Van Bellman, New Music Project of Zac Taylor (Music Junkie Press)

I know one thing, it is quite addictive and will have you dripping in bluesy rock.

Listen: Van Bellman - I Hate To See You This Way (The Alternative Nation)

This is rock ‘n’ roll at raw loudness so when you hit that play button make sure to crank those speakers up to eleven!

Listen up: Van Bellman - "I Hate To See You This Way" (Kaboom Magazine)

The gritty first single “I Hate To See You This Way” might just be your favorite rock song of the year.

Van Bellman brings gritty new rock single “I Hate To See You This Way” (1st Day Fresh)

An eclectic mix of bluesy rock and indie pop, Van Bellman’s music was written with purpose.

Weekly Round-Up (Indie Pop-Ups)

From the very first moment of this bluesy rock song you can feel the frustration and passion.

The Matinee ’18 June 4th (The Revue)

“I Hate To See You This Way” is [Van Bellman's] debut offering and it’s an awesome bluesy-rock track that has you wanting to move. The song really packs a bunch with a gritty sound that hovers on modern yet classic. It’s a stellar new rock offering that reminds us full well that rock n’ roll is far from dying.